Through-feed fleshing machines Cayman

Our NEW and absolute INNOVATIVE Cayman allows to flesh the hides with a machless speed and power.
Cayman born thanks to the sinergy between our experience and the exigencies of efficiency, practicity and extremely high productivity, apported by ours important customers.
With their active and precious collaboration, Cayman have been studied and realized in order to be simple for mainteinance and cleaning, but really performant and powerful.
The speed can reach 80 mt/min, allowing a production up to 600 hides/hour. On demand, the rubber bolsters benches can be completely adjustable and independent, so to allow a perfect adaptability of the leather to the blades cylinders during the fleshing.
The hides feeding to the machine could be helped by the chain transport system.


Operating work mm 3200 3400
Length mm 7000 7200
Depth mm 2500 2500
Height mm 2130 2130
Net weight Kg 24.000 25.000
Used power kW 168 168